Saxon the Suffrage Cat
Encaustic with paper, crystals, and LEDs on Birchwood panels

The Right to Vote Virtual Art Show

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She Persisted Virtual Art Show

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Encaustic-How to Paint With Fire and Wax

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About Me

“The power of art is only partially held in what viewers see on the canvas. The true power is in changing how viewers see the rest of their lives. In my encaustic paintings, layering wax like the accumulation of history, I seek to remind women and girls of their potential to change the world.”

I am a storyteller who creates paintings of women, fantastical creatures, and dramatic events. My current work looks at the history of women’s rights, starting with Suffrage and ending with Roe V. Wade.

 I was raised by a mother who ran campaigns for fun. I spent my childhood stuffing mailboxes, silk screening flyers, and creating pompom donkeys and elephants to give away at events. I loved every minute of it.

These days, instead of stuffing mailboxes, I create wax animals and small woodblock prints and attach them to my birchwood panels. Look closely at my art and you can see how fun it all is. 


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