“Saxon the Suffrage Cat,” mixed media with lights, 60″x60″, 2020   See the video of this work here

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about the art

Thank you for your interest in my feminist art.

The majority of my paintings after 2009 are painted with  “encaustic”.  Encaustic paint is made from beeswax and color. One paints with it by heating it on a metal sheet, picking up the paint with a warm brush, and applying it to a board.. 

Next I use a heat gun or torch to “burn in” the color, or to smooth the surface. It’s hard to tell online, but in person my painted surfaces can mimic  stained glass. The medium also can be used sculpturally to create wax flowers. The beauty of this medium is its versatility.

about me

I am a storyteller who creates paintings of women, fantastical creatures, and dramatic events. My current work looks at the history of women’s rights, starting with Suffrage and ending with Roe V. Wade.
 I was raised by a mother who ran campaigns for fun. I spent my childhood stuffing mailboxes, silk screening flyers, and creating pompom donkeys and elephants to give away at events. I loved every minute of it.
These days, instead of stuffing mailboxes,  I create wax animals and small woodblock prints and attach them to my birchwood panels.  Look closely at my art and you can see how fun it all is.


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