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Feminism Series

women’s history

Global Warming Series

our climate and us

War Series

gun violence, terrorism and darkness

September 11th Series

shock and loss

About the Paintings

“The power of art is only partially held in what viewers see on the canvas. The true power is in changing how viewers see the rest of their lives. In my encaustic paintings, layering wax like the accumulation of history, I seek to remind women and girls of their potential to change the world.”
I enjoy painting the political. My mother felt knowing what happens in the world is important and instilled in me a desire to understand the issues and to paint about them.

I suppose these paintings are my diary, a place where one can see my interests and the current events of the time. One never knows from where inspiration will come. Here I was, happily painting about global warming, and then I moved into the Workhouse Arts Center. My studio used to be part of a prison that once held Suffragists imprisoned for protesting at the White House. Thus began my Feminism Series, where I try to tell the stories of these brave women and attempt to pull their issues into the modern day.

Most of my paintings are created with encaustic paint. You can learn more about this below.

Encaustic-How to Paint With Fire and Wax

painting brushes

hot metal sheet

heat gun and torch

encaustic paint

Encaustic paint is made from beeswax, damar resin and pigment (color). It is an old medium and was used thousands of years ago to waterproof ships, decorate statures and to depict the faces of the deceased on mummy cases. 

The paint looks like bars of soap in all the colors of a rainbow. To paint with it, I melt the encaustic on a heated metal sheet. Then I pick up the paint with a natural hair brush and apply it to a birchwood panel. To ensure the paint is firmly attached to the painting surface, I then heat or “burn in” the paint by pointing a heat gun at it or a torch. Sometimes I apply a flat metal tool to flatten out the paint and remove any brush strokes, or to incise into the paint to create marks and lines.

With encaustic paint, I can create three dimensional objects and collage paper and other items right to the surface. The paint can also create luminous transparencies or can be used to fill spaces between glass mosaics. If you look at my work closely, you will see all the ways I have experimented with this amazing substance!

encaustic flower

encaustic with yarn

encaustic with mosaics

encaustic with pigments

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