WETA spot

I would like to thank WETA for their interest in my art and how the pandemic has affected artists and performers.

I was interviewed for this segment. Please watch it below and learn more about encaustic painting, the pandemic, and my paintings on women’s suffrage..

Here is my Artists Talk. I spoke on September 21, 2022 at Monmouth University in Long Branch New Jersey and talked about my show, “Women’s History: Passion and Power.”



Interview with Mina

Here is my interview with Mina Habibi formerly of the Workhouse Arts Center. She is asking me about my show “The Right To Vote,” currently hanging at the Vulcan Muse Gallery, W-16, 9518 Workhouse Way
Lorton, VA  22079

“Encaustic: It’s all the Buzz.”

Thank you, Joe Dzikiewicz and Jaclyn O’Laughlin for interviewing me for your documentary about encaustic.

About the Documentary, from “Crimes of the Art” website….

“Jaclyn O’Laughlin signed up to do the 2016 Doc Around the Clock competition run by Docs in Progress. In this competition, a team makes a documentary in a weekend. She asked Joe Dzikiewicz to join her, and the two formed the Documaniacs for making documentaries. Under that name, they made this documentary over the course of April 15-17, 2016.

The documentary won the Jury Award and the Audience Choice Award at the screening, which was held on May 2, 2016. Since then, it was also a selection in the 2016 Community Stories Film Festival and the 2017 Bethesda Film Festival.”

Encaustic-How to Paint With Fire and Wax

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