parakeets“Pair-A-Keets”, by Eileen Olson is a delightful mixed media artwork. In this piece, she walks the fine line between realism and abstraction. Olson writes of her working process: “The exploration of the relationship between man and nature, the unknown and the unexplained, is the soul of my art.  I attempt this search with a great sense of adventure and curiosity.  I consider myself a constructionist. My subject matter is always unknown to me until I build and fashion eclectic materials and water-soluble pigments into a design form that I find exciting. I do not have a preconceived set path that I take to a known final result, nor do I depict my subjects in a literal way.  It gives an ever-deeper meaning to my work when I use imaginative reinterpretation. For me, this generates a feeling of intense and  energetic enjoyment in my creative process.” Check out her website on my Contacts page.