encaustic paintingGregory Wright paints “intuitively in  encaustic.(He ) is  inspired by topographical formations  and movement.”  His work strides the line between two dimensions and three, with  the wax projecting out of the work in some places, and staying flat in others. His latest series, “Microcosm’Macrocosm  is richly organic, full of tendrils, buds, and berries. Gregory describes this series as “ (defining) the connectivity that exists between  the cosmos, the terrestrial, and the cellular from different points of view.”

Above is the painting titled, “Elemental Antithesis”. It is 30” x 48”,  painted with encaustic, oil, pigment, and shellac on birch in 2009.  I enjoy looking at this painting and imagining a cosmic stew or tendrils of sea grass waving in the ocean, or even lymph nodes in the human body. I love the contrast of the orange and green tendrils, long and sinuous, against the bubbly, bumpy lumps that appear everywhere.  See more of his work at http://www.artgw.com/index.html.