The above painting is titled “Abacus:It doesn’t count”, and is encaustic on wood panel, 12”x12”. Karen says in her artists statement :”No matter how many alternate paths my work takes I always seem to return to order and repetition. These twin elements are with me as an underlying touchstone of inspiration.”

“Abacus” clearly demonstrates this interest in order and repetition. The square form occurs twice, in the outer edges of the painting, and again in the green frame that holds the purple square. Repetition happens in the blue lines  in the center of the painting, and the oval shapes that appear to be strung on these lines. Finally, underneath it all, appears lettering or numbers that repeat over and over again.

However, the beauty of the work also lies in the color-sap green, vivid cerulean blue  and violet. The palette is earthy, reminiscent of forest, shadows and sky.  A counting is happening here, perhaps of natural resources, of beauty , or of time.  See more of Karen Freedman’s work at her website,, or click on my link on my Contacts page.