mixed media artwork “Interposed”,Oil on Linen, Stones, Thread, 32″ x 24″,was shown at the Fraser Gallery in Maryland last March, 2007. The artist, Aimee Garcia Marrero , was born in Cuba, and received her “first international exposure via exhibitions in Jamaica, Mexico, Israel, Austria and her first US showing as part of the “Women Beyond Borders” show at the Contemporary Arts Forum in Santa Barbara, California.”

“Her work belongs to a genre where the most important issue is symbolism. Her employment of pictorial references to the classics, in a discourse of her own, often employs elements that are not generally used in painting.”

I like the way she has glued the rocks to this realistic portrait of a young woman. Her face seems troubled to me, as is she could feel these rocks, or see them appearing in front of her. To see more of her work, go to Aimee Garcia Marrero