paintingThis artwork, titled “49th Parallel”, by Emilly Piccirillo, is Oil/acrylic on canvas, cord, carbon steel grid. To simplify, what one is seeing is multiple canvases, cut into squares, painted and stretched tightly onto a metal framework. One sees the sky, broken into little jewels, in between metal and space. Emily says this of her work :

“  The metal grid reacts with the skin-like quality of canvas, emphasizing the fragile state of life and the environment. The fusion of aesthetics, nature and industry calls up the immense dynamic power of the natural elements and their interface with humanity. From this perspective, this body of work points to how ‘development’ challenges our relationship with the environment, how natural resources are being stretched today in a very direct way. The string emphasizes formal tension, physical tension and creative tension. The economy of means is part of the moral – it serves as a reprieve from the clutter and overload of contemporary life.”

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