photo of a dress Wow!  Issey Miyake  designed this dress in 1990 . One can view it at  the exhibition, “Contemporary Japanese Fashion:The Mary Baskett Colllection”, a show at the Textile Museum in Washington , Dc.

I love the  bright red color of the dress, and the sculptural quality created through those projecting seams. The dress just defies expectations of traditional fashion , seeming both lightweight and heavy at the same time.

Here is a description from the website,(click here for a link   Textile Museum )

“Informed in part by Japanese traditions such as the kimono, obi and the art of origami, these designers produced radical garments with shapes and textures often incongruous with the natural contours of the human body. Their designs—characterized by asymmetry, raw edges, unconventional construction, oversized proportions and monochromatic palettes—effectively overthrew existing norms and set the stage for the postmodernist movement in the fashion industry.”

I hope you readers have a chance to see this!