painting by Brown Gabe Brown created the above painting, titled “Captive Bird” with oil over canvas over panel . It is a recently work, created in 2009. I like the dark mysterious nature of “Captive Bird”. I am including a few links to her work, one is from R&F Paints Gabe Brown, R&F, and the other is from his website (I think!) Gabe Brown

I would like to add that I received a warm email from Gabe Brown. She noted that Gabe is short for Gabrielle, and that she was a woman artist. My apologies for my original post, which used the pronoun “his”. Please do look at this work, and know that a smart, talented woman painted it!

Here is his artist’s statement, quoted from the R&F Paints website….

“Painter Gabe Brown uses formal abstract elements to create narrative landscapes, drawing parallels between natural and man-made environments.  Brown’s visual vocabulary is derived from the natural world, where quiet, everyday events such as conversations between birds and the cellular structure of plant life are animated and filled with an active power to trigger desire, temptation and a sense of frailty.  Exploring a magical world beyond tangible reality, where the force of humanity creates illusions that tease with their playfulness and temp with their visceral beauty, the artist creates an alternative inner-world where rainbow teardrops become stand-ins for loss and uncertainty.  Working in harmony with the changing seasons, the artist views the process of painting as a ‘portal for adventure’, through which she creates intuitive vignettes that are both alluring and mysterious.”