painting by Korenblatt Joshua Korenblat teaches Adobe Indesign at Boston University, Cdia,  and I am one of his students.  He is a multitalented person,of many college degrees, who just finished a Masters in Fine Art at Maryland Institute College of Art.

I love looking at the painting above,  titled “Waterfall”.  As Joshua might say, “the painting meets my needs” with its dark colors,  evocative mood, and  looseness of the brushwork.

Mr. Korenblat also writes articles, poetry, and short stories. Here is a few of his own words about himself….

“I am a writer, artist, and educator. I realize the idealism of this endeavor. Like any idealist, I seek connections between realms that at first might seem distant. In my work, I balance memory and imagination, experience and whimsy, and lyricism with linear time.”

Learn more at his website by clicking the link here     J Korenblat