painting by LavatelliThe above painting is titled,”Lagoon” and it is encaustic and collage on panel. It is 44”x66”, and was created by Mzrk Lavatelli. He says this about his work…

“In my paintings, colored shapes and stenciled words that identify landscape elements and weather phenomena are juxtaposed with close-up views of trees, suggesting that the contemporary experience of nature is mediated by perceptual and mental constructs. 

Initially, the viewer experiences the contrast between the two halves of each diptych, one representational and one abstract.  Upon further looking, similarities emerge as parts of the “tree” side appear flattened and in the “word” side the rectilinear planes overlap to create pictorial depth.  Related colors and shapes also link the two. 

Non-narrative and non-poetic, the words parallel formal elements in the way they trigger associations, both individually and when assimilated in varying sequences.  The words often allude to the issue of global warming or other forms of environmental degradation. Some words, such as “bluff,” “rift,” “draw,” “plant,” and “burn,” convey multiple meanings, calling attention to the likelihood that each viewer constructs their own understandings.”
      I find his work fascinating. See more of it at his website…lMark Lavatelli