I had the pleasure of visiting the North Carolina Museum of Art a couple of weeks ago. I found many wonderful works of art by modern artists . I especially enjoyed the work titled “Collapse1, Unititled” by Ledelle Moe. This large sculpture sits on the grounds of the Museum and is a delightful surprise to find. Here is a link to the website….Moe_At_NCMA
Here are the details from the website, describing the art, and a short bio of Ledelle Moe.
Ledelle Moe, Untitled, 2007, L. 9 x H. 6 x W. 8 ft., concrete and steel, Courtesy of the Artist, © 2009 Ledelle Moe
South African artist Ledelle Moe works in steel and concrete to create larger-than-life figurative sculptures. Collapse I sprawls across the top of a ridge in the Museum Park, a massive human form lying on its side, a monument that has toppled over. Untitled sits along the Woodland Trail, deeper in the woods, a boulderlike form of a human figure curled into a ball. The sculptures resemble natural outcroppings of rock formations and provoke questions about history, monumentality, permanence, and fragility.