Mark Evan Thomas created the above piece, titled “Craters of the Moon”, and it is listed as  being 6”x6”. I find this photography to be unusually evocative and dreamy. I am also surprised  by the small size of the work. Whatever the size, this photo is extraordinary.( Also, doesn’t it remind you of ‘Flaming June”? The curves, the lines, seem very alike…)
Here is an except from the Fraser Gallery website, who shows Mr. Thomas’s work…Need a link? click here!…Mark Evan Thomas

“Mark Evan Thomas
January 16, 1960 – December 25, 2006
In 1981, Mark earned his BA from the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA. He began his career as a commercial photographer in Atlanta, GA. Mark traveled extensively, always in search of new landscapes to photograph. He spent a great deal of time in New Mexico, California, Death Valley, Maine and the mountains of North Carolina. He was never without his camera.
In 1989, Mark was diagnosed with a rare form of gastro-intestinal cancer. Determined to face the disease head on, he became an informed and proactive survivor. Throughout his many treatments, surgeries and medications, Mark continued his photographic work and always maintained a positive outlook during his sixteen year battle with cancer. All those who knew Mark were inspired by his personality, creativity and determination. Photography gave meaning to his life as well as being his true passion.
Mark stated to his sister, “If I could go back and change my life with cancer, I would not, because it has made me what I am today.” “