“After Mona Lisa 2” is a mixed media piece by Devorah Sperber. Ms Sperber created this work from “5,184 spools of thread provided by Coats & Clark, stainless steel hanging apparatus, aluminum ball chain, acrylic sphere, and metal stand. This work stands 85”x87”.”
Not only is this artwork amazing in it’s use of everyday materials to create an upside down iconic image,  but it also invites fun in the manner one views it. The viewer stands in front of the image, and looks at the thread through the acrylic ball, which sits on the metal stand. The image inside the ball is right side up. I just love looking at the art up close, and admiring the separate color of thread spools, and then standing back and looking through the acrylic ball.
Ms. Sperber says this in her artists statement…
“I am interested in the link between art, science, and technology, how the eyes and brain prioritize, and reality as a subjective experience vs. an absolute truth. As a visual artist, I cannot think of a topic more stimulating and yet so basic, than the act of seeing–how the human brain makes sense of the visual world.”
“After Mona Lisa 2” can be seen in the permanent collection at the North Carolina Museum of Art. Or view the piece online,  by clicking this link. Sperber . Here is the link to her website….Deborah Sperber