photo of handle and flat tip encaustic toolI recently purchased online a set of flat tip tools to use with my temperature regulator and spatula handle , the result being the tool in the photo to the left. It is my new favorite tool for working with encaustic paint. (Find it at R&F Paints) .Why do I love this tool,you ask?

My old painful process of painting with encaustic went as follows. First, heat my paint and paint it on my board. Second, pick up my heat gun, and start heating my paint. Third, pull out my oil painters palette knife, scape and smooth surface. Fourth, heat the palette knife with my heat gun, smooth a small section of my painting with the heated palette knife. Repeat until entire section of paint is smooth. Rub my shoulders. Sigh a bit.

With this new tool, I now have effectively a heated palette knife, as the flat tool is small and flexible. Moreover, I can heat it to the exact temperature that I need, and it will stay this temperature all day long .With a heat gun in one hand, and this tool in the other, I can cheerfully manipulate my painting surfaces in half the time of my old process. Not only that, but using this tool is more fun than white water rafting!

So, cheers to R&F! Cheers to fun in the studio!