Evoë 3  (oil painting) 2003, by Bridget Riley is on view at the Tate Museum of Modern Art. Isn’t this piece delightful? The colors, blue, green, purple and white are bright and cheerful. The painting seems alive with movement or dance.

Want to learn more about this painting and the artist? Please click here to go to the website. Or read below a bit about this painting from the Tate’s website.

“In the late 1990s, Riley began to make large-scale paintings in which curved blocks of colour are positioned using an underlying grid of verticals and diagonals, creating a sense of joyous movement. ‘When played through a series of arabesques the curve is wonderfully fluid, supple and strong’, she has said. ‘It can twist and bend, flow and sway, sometimes with the diagonal, sometimes against, so that the tempo is either accelerated or held back, delayed’. The title ‘Evoë’ was a cry associated with the intoxicated rites of the Greek God Bacchus.”