Hale Tenger is a fascinating artist. She uses installation art to comment on political issues and /or Turkish government policies. Some of her installations include sculpture, such as rag dolls, or giant decorated domes. A good site to read about her work is Green  Art Gallery.

Ms Tenger had an installation at the Freer-Sackler Museum of Art in Washington , Dc. Here is an excerpt from that website, or click here to go there directly.

“Multimedia artist Hale Tenger (born 1960, Izmir, Turkey) creates videos and installations that examine the tangible and intangible traces of events. From 2005 to 2007, Tenger filmed the façade of the St. George Hotel in Beirut—the site of the assassination of Rafik Hariri, former prime minister of Lebanon—while it was being renovated. Gently flapping curtains, shifting light, and Serdar Ateser’s simple musical composition evoke a historical moment with profound repercussions that still haunt this physical space.”