Carol Dupre is an old friend of mine. She has a studio at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria Virginia. Her work is beautifully painted , and highly intellectual. She literally writes papers on each painting. Each painting is extremely dense in art theory, history, culture and imagination. (Should you doubt my word on this, please visit Carol and ask her to tell you her thoughts on a random painting.  Prepared to be impressed!)

The oil painting to the left is one from a large number of her “Stories of the Universe” Series. The colors , to me, are luscious-rich browns, dark reds, and blue greys.

Here is  a link to her website. Here also is an except from that website from her “Stories of the Universe” artists statement.

Stories of the Universe is a mind-place journey; with 24 canvases, still in progress.  These are cosmologies or universes built in layers by separation, mixed composites, and fusing. They seem literary in their rhizoidal connections but never literal in their movements or rationale. They work toward unnamable states, substances, ambiguities, realms beyond reality. These projects concentrate on the melding of fact and fiction, and on following the way we think, or observe in multiples——gathering and reassessing.