I first encountered Krissy Downing’s Surreal Paintings at Artomatic 2012, in Crystal City Virginia. She displayed a lovely triptych titled “The Stillest Night Series”. It showed an interior space, with small headless children and balloons.  Sadly, I could not find this on her website, so I have included another painting of hers on this blog.

To the right, see a Ms. Downing’s painting titled “Trena”, acrylic on canvas.

Want to know more about her and her work? Here  is a link to her site. Below, see her artist’s statement.

“I revel in the moments that hover between asleep and awake, when what’s left of dreams is winding its way out the dimly grayed space where our heads lay and just before all the colors bleed from our mystical beings, metamorphosing selves and physics defied to reveal lucidity. These moments are a suspension of sensory perception (and consequent self-awareness) that lets the brain continue forming images, sounds, tactile journeys the same seemingly random way dreams do, but in a scape that I can study, memorize and later recreate through both visual and musical composition.
I am fascinated by the mathematics of aesthetics both aural and visual. The correlations between light wave and sound wave frequencies have endlessly intrigued me to the point of laying out my own graphs of the six (primary & secondary) colors and their relation to the 12 half-tones of the western musical scale.

My abstract paintings delve into interpretations of musical works, not just by way of the “light” or “mood” that a musical work conveys emotionally but also through the basic connections of sound waves to color, or rhythm and motivic structure to plot points on a two-dimensional canvas. My more surreal and skewed-perspective pieces depict the strange and whimsical life-forms, environments and moods that I encounter in my own personal gray space just before I wake.”