To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

I saw the work of David Bradley in the show titled  “Indian Country:the Arts of David Bradley” at the  Museum of Indian Arts and Culture in Santa Fe. His work is brightly colored, containing cultural references of past and present, and often has a wry sense of humor.
The work often comments on the life and history of American Indians, with original work, or work inspired by famous artworks (with a twist.)
Here is what the Museum of Indian Arts and culture has to say about this talented artist…..Exhibition curator Valerie Verzuh says of the artist, “David Bradley is a painter of keen sensitivity and intelligence with a singular vision and Native American voice. He redirects the gaze of American life by depicting daily lives, thoughts, and histories from an Indian point of view. Through his artwork he confronts his world with paradox, incongruity, irony, and humor.”