OldPlease join me on Thursday March 10 from 6-9 pm at the TAG gallery, third floor of the Torpedo Factory Arts Center, located at 105 North Union Street, Alexandria Virginia. The title of the show is “Contradictions”.

Here is an artist’s statement about the show….

I like contradictions.  And there is no contradiction quite so strong as family during the holiday.  We come together to share special times with those we love, aiming for perfect happiness.  But things are never that easy.

These paintings, like the family holidays they depict, are contradictions full of cartoonish characters, bright colors, and shiny crystals.  We see balls of glass on the painting surface, but a touch reveals wax construction. An angel’s hair is painted paper, a roasted Thanksgiving turkey an encaustic print on a strip of lights.

The contradictions continue in the subjects. A happy holiday includes an angry octopus. Sea monsters are sweet and sisters sharks. I am there, and yet as an identical twin, is it really me?

Welcome to my holiday.  Please pass the turkey, and don’t mind the shark in the chair next to yours.