So you have a ton of art and want to have some way to know how much you have, where it is, what types you have, what exhibitions are coming up and so on.  I used to keep my work in my basement and made image files of it which I stored on various thumb drives. I had a sketchbook to keep track of all of that.

Then I reached the point where I needed a new way to organize all this art. There are various ways online to do this. I am taking an art business class and the platform recommended to me was  ArtworkArchives. It does have a small monthly charge which ranges from $6 to $19 , but I found it worth the price.

So if you are just starting out, this is just one platform to try and see if it works for you.


Here is a screenshot of my painting in Artwork Archives. You can see all the categories that go with the work..Current Location, Location History, publication history, Original Editions, Run Reproductions, Additional Files and Expenses. 

If I had scrolled down, I could find a link to press that would allow me to download a file of the piece.

For an un-organized artist like myself, it really helps me to have all this information listed . Also, there is a search option, so if I need a 12″x12″ painting for a show, or a painting about global warming, all I have to to is type into the search feature and find it.

The downside of all of this is I spent a month inputting data  ( jpegs, painting sizes, etc) to create my inventory and labelling my work with numbered stickers. Not an artists first choice on how to spend their time!

And if this doesn’t scare you away, Artwork Archives also allows you to create a website and sell art off their site.

(If you click on my link to Artwork Archives,  you will get $10 off the price. )

I hope this helps you , my artist friends!