Life for many of us changed during Covid. Here is how I found artistic inspiration in the middle of a pandemic.

Instead of visiting the National Gallery of Art, I dusted off old art books and opened them. As you might guess, I have a couple of books on Frida Kahlo.

I now attend online artist talks at the Taubman Museum of Art.
I watch old movies, such as The Cabinet of Dr Caligari. There is a beauty to the framing of each shot, to the landscapes and to the set designs.

 I have tried my first online zoom art class! If you are interested in learning mosaics, you too will love this class by Anita Damron.
Last of all, I worked with my daughter and my husband to create a virtual art show which can be seen at  It was a family effort! My husband shot the footage and edited. My daughter composed music for each painting, played it, and recorded it.
I hope all of you stayed safe and healthy over the last year.  I do appreciate all of you and am grateful that we all made it this far into the pandemic. Hoping all of you found your own brand of inspiration this year!