Isn’t it tiring wearing those same old cloth masks when going out?
Want to make a really cool mask instead?

When I am not painting in my studio, I am finding time to learn new art techniques. I made these three masks with products from Smooth On . If you want to create sculptural objects, molds or life casts, this is the place to go. Plus, they have all sorts of instructional videos to ease your journey into these products. (This is a gratitude post, as I have no connection with this company.)

So when my kids needed mask for an upcoming Anime Conference. I decided to make them masks that would fit their faces like a glove. Here is an short abbreviated guide on how to do it.

  1. Step-Cast the face.
    1. Using a pink gel called Alja-Safe,  spread the gel over the face leaving holes at the nostrils.  For more details, see the video here.
    2. Once the foam has set, cover the face and foam with plaster bandages.
    3. Let that dry and remove the mold from face.
  2. Make a plastic cast of the face. Do this by pouring Smooth Cast 300  into the face mold.
  3. Use modeling clay to create the mask of your dreams on top of the face cast.
  4. Create an Alja-Safe mold of the clay mask, just like you did with the face in step 1.
  5. Remove the modeling clay from the face cast that you made in step 2.
  6. Pour DragonSkin into the mold to make the mask.  Place the plastic face into the skin to make room for the face in the mask.
  7. Remove the mask from the mold.
  8. Paint the mask as needed.

Now you have a great face mask to wear anywhere! And you can learn how to do it all online for free!

Hope this post brightens your day. I am thinking of you all!