My show just opened at ArtWorks Gallery, located at 320 Hull Street , Richmond Virginia 23224. ( Open Tuesday-Sunday 12-6pm) Here are some photos of the event. Scroll Down for images of the large works in this show.

This show contains ten large paintings of my “Feminist Series”.

“Wendy and Hillary”, 60”x60”,, encaustic with crystals,  2013

“Suffragists and Earthquakes” ,60″x60″, encaustic with vintage buttons, hanging glass crystals and crystals, 2012

“Alice Dreaming”, 30″x44″, encaustic and crystals on panel, 2015

“Malala and Maria”, encaustic with crystals, 60”x60”, 2013

“The Story of the Ham”, encaustic with crystals, 60”x60”, 2012

“Awake”, encaustic, 14”x42”, 2009

“Fear” or “Ms. Stevens visits Ms. Paul”, encaustic with glass beads, crystals, and yarn, 32”x50”, 2010

“Suffragist and Zombies”, 60”x60”,  encaustic with crystals, 2012

“Defiance”,“46”x 42”, encaustic with rhinestones and metal rings, 2009

“Strip and Search” or “Lucy Burns”,30″x44″, encaustic with vintage buttons, scrub brushes, plastic eyeballs and rubber tubing, 2011