Defiance Card


5″x7″ off white card with handmade paper and Swarovski crystals

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“Defiance”,“46”x 42”, encaustic with rhinestones and metal rings, 2009

When this nation was founded in 1776, women asked for the right to vote, the right to own property, the right to divorce, the right to their children, and the right to participate in the government. The male founders of the constitution told them to wait. Seventy years later, Susan B Anthony asked again, and again was told the time was not right. One hundred forty years after the creation of the USA, women stopped asking and started demanding. They marched, held rallies, yelled at legislators and went to jail. In 1920, women finally had their rights cemented in the Constitution.

This painting shows three figures who are in jail, protesting for the right to vote.