Alice Paul Card


5″x7″ off white card with handmade papers and Swarovski Crystals, signed by the artist

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“Alice Paul,” 30″x44″, encaustic mixed media

Alice Paul led the Suffrage Movement in the early 1900’s. She organized women, coordinated marches and set strategy. She learned from the earlier pioneers in England, women who protested until they were jailed, and who refused food in jail until they were treated as political prisoners or pardoned.
In 1917 Alice Paul spent time in the District Prison, in Washington, Dc for a made-up charge of “obstructing traffic”. Protesting her unjust arrest, she began a hunger strike. The prison officials responded by holding her down and force-feeding her raw eggs and cold milk by forcing a large tube up her nose and down into her stomach. The violence of this procedure often caused nosebleeds, hoarseness, and inflamed throats.