“She Persisted”, Virtual Show

In 2019, three of my paintings were accepted into the show “Me Too” in the Polack Gallery, Monmouth University ( See Above.)  I was also offered a solo show in March 2020. However, COVID-19 caused this show to be indefinely postponed.

The videos below illustrate the paintings that would have hung in March. Every Thursday , I have been adding a new video to this collection. The works represent over ten years of work and focus on women, power and politics.

“She Persisted” turned out to me a very app title, as without  persistence, and the help of  my family to edit video and compose music, this virtual show would  not have happened. Hope you enjoy the show!


“Election 2016″, 60″x60,” encaustic mixed media with lights, 2017

“Malala and Maria”, encaustic with crystals, 60”x60”, 2013

“Wendy and Hillary”, 60”x60”, encaustic with crystals,  2013

 “Women’s March 2017″, 60″x96,”  encaustic with crystals and lights, 2017

“Suffragist and Zombies”, 60”x60”,  encaustic with crystals, 2012

“Old film, New Film”,60″x60,” encaustic mixed media with lights, 2016

“The Story of the Ham”, encaustic with crystals, 60”x60”, 2012

“Ida B Wells,” encaustic mixed media, 60″x60″  Learn more here.

“Sandy Hook,” 60″x60″ encaustic mixed media, 2019

“Suffrage Cat,” 60″x60,”  encaustic mixed media, 2020

“Border Crisis” 60″x60,”  encaustic mixed media, 2019

Bonus Videos!

Learn about the history of encaustic paint  and see a PBS spot on my art!



Learn more about “Encaustic” the video here.

Thank  you WETA and PBS for your spot about me, my Suffrage paintings, and how I paint with encaustic! It’s an honor to be part of WETA Arts!